Aware, Awake & Arise: Issues that concern the region

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

10th South East Asian Trade Fair gets underway in Shillong

Traders from South East Asian countries are participating in the 10th International Trade Fair in Shillong. Traders from several South East Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Egypt showcased a fabulous range of products at various stalls in the ten-day long fair.

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Sikkim gets a new education scheme

Sikkim girls are far ahead of the boys in school enrolment, the ratio standing at 113 girls to 100 boys. This is the highest in the entire northeast, and to maintain the trend the central government has ushered in a new scheme, according to an official.

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I-T issue to play vital role in Sikkim polls

To pay or not to pay income tax is the question in Sikkim as assembly andparliamentary elections drew near. Sensing the mood, chief minister Pawan Chamling and Sikkim Congress president and former chief minister Nar Bahadur Bhandari, arch-rivals in the state, are pulling out all stops to make the state tax-exempt.

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220 died of meningitis in Meghalaya

Health authorities in Meghalaya have strengthened surveillance in the wake of meningococcal meningitis showing no signs of receding.More than 220 people died and over 900 people have been infected ever since the outbreak January, 2008, of this air-borne bacterium disease.

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Tourists to get easier access to Arunachal Pradesh

Visiting picturesque Arunachal Pradesh will now get easier as the Government is all set to start online processing and application of the mandatory inner-line permit needed to enter the state.

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